Talliboyina Balaramakrishna

WordPress Developer

Hyderabad, IN


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Talliboyina Balaramakrishna

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About Me

Every great design begin with an even better story

I'm an experienced WordPress and UI/UX developer with 7+ years of experience in the industry. From understanding project needs to troubleshooting, I've got it covered.


Proficient in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, and PHP, I focus on creating user-friendly interfaces that adapt to various screen sizes using Bootstrap and Foundation. Skilled in testing with Chrome Web Inspectors, I ensure smooth functionality.

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My Skills

Skill of Best Masters Software Skills

Master essential software skills—delve into HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and tools like Visual Studio. Empower yourself to create innovative solutions.


Stay tuned for valuable insights and tips to refine your expertise in software development!

WordPress / Wix
UI/UX Designing
Digital Marketing

Experiences & Education

I Develop Skills Regularly To Keep Me Update

Constantly updating my skills is a cornerstone of my professional journey. Through a combination of hands-on experiences and ongoing education, I strive to stay ahead in the dynamic field of software development.

Join me as I navigate this blend of practical expertise and continuous learning, shaping a path towards excellence.

Showcasing Previous Work's

My Journey A Portfolio of Previous Work

Explore my WordPress and UI/UX development journey through a concise showcase.

From WordPress to responsive design, this portfolio offers a glimpse of my skills. Join me in this quick tour of my previous works.

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